The Colour of Happiness

Yellow is without a doubt the interior colour of the moment. The colour of happiness and optimism as well as creativity and imagination. A colour that has the ability to make people feel energized or cosy and it is also associated with warmth and joy. Love it or hate it Yellow is back…

In its versatile variations of zesty yellow, sophisticated mustard and soft buttery shades, yellow can be used with an array of colour combinations.

Pair yellow with white and you will achieve a well balanced, bright and peaceful living space. Yellow with grey, the perfect colour combination. Yellow with pastels, sophistication galore! Yellow with pink, a super intriguing colour scheme. Yellow with teal, now that is a statement of elegance and maturity. Yellow with regal blue, undoubted opulence – royalty. Yellow with light blue, Scandi style all the way. Yellow with purple, an exotic encounter…

In my previous blog, Interior Design & Colour, I talked about shade, tint and tone.

You can explore this concept using the colour yellow. Add white to yellow and you will create a serene and calming colour palette. Add black to yellow and your shades will be earthy, sophisticated and dramatic. And finally, add grey to yellow and your tonal colour palette will be muted and balanced. Yellow at its purest will be vibrant and acidic. This form is ideal for introducing an accent colour to a living space, but use it in small doses to avoid the room being overpowering and forcing your brain to be overstimulated. Perhaps opt for ceiling light, a feature wall, a side table, a fabulous bouquet of flowers, a vase, a cushion, an armchair… They are great tools to highlight detail, giving a strong and individual statement.

Casa Botelho

One of my favourite interior designers, Casa Botelho brings a touch of glamour to his designs introducing seductive tones and shades of yellow to his colour schemes. There is an effortless synergy between texture, colour and pattern. He combines luxurious velvet in rich yellow ochre, textural weaves in golden yellow, hair on hide in mustard yellow contrasting with browns, black and greys. His individual style is elegant and eclectic with great attention to detail. He combines elegance and comfort using clean lines in his symmetrical designs.

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Arte Wallcoverings

Arte has created a beautiful high -quality collection of wallcoverings. Artisan-Twill is made from purely natural materials, a tropical plant – the Pandan. The fibres are interwoven by hand; this braiding is cut diagonally into strips, which are then woven.

Metal X Signup-Quadra is a patterned wallcovering that includes right angles and glass beads, but they have a surprising twist. The Quadra design consists of a variety of lighter and dark rectangles, which will continue to intrigue you with their irregularity. The reflection of light ingrain the wall decoration with an extra luxurious feel.

Metal X Signum – Quadra

This colour has a retro and modern appeal, depending on what tone, shade or tint you use. Paint, textiles, art, textured materials, metals… The combinations are endless, perfect choice for lifestyle changes. Add some sunshine into your living space and you will be surprised, how without trying, you will instantly add happiness into your life. Happy Easter!

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Style inspiration through my eyes…

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