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“Este Loco Corazon”

“Este Loco Corazon” is Connie Vaccarezza’s emporium of handmade ceramic lampshades. Her versatile style defines her – interior stylist, artist, potter and artisan. Many years ago, whilst living in the USA, Connie took a ceramics course at the University of Berkley where she learned the basics of pottery. And who would have guessed that 20 years later it would be the start of a creative and successful business…

Her early work was created by exploring basic shapes – making bowls, vases, plant pots. The day she made the first lampshade she knew that was her niche. She always admired the 70’s retro style pottery with its intricate openwork detail, the concept of using a mould and reproducing a series of replicas. She is fascinated by the idea of creating a prototype and reproduction.

Her attraction for colour was triggered after living in Mexico for a year. She was immersed in the Mexican culture surrounded by objects, colour, costumes and interiors. From the moment she arrived in Mexico she found herself trapped in a world of texture, colour and pattern. It opened her eyes into a new world leading her to a new stage in her life.

After her travels to Potosi, San Cristobal, Playa del Carmen and Mexico DF; Connie wanted to translate her experiences in her own environment. With time she decorated her home in Santa Fe Style – A combination of Native American and Spanish building. These earthy designs, sometimes called Adobe or ‘Pueblo Revival Style’, are named after New Mexico’s capital city. The typical images of the Mexican mansions, large vases and green cactus. It also has many handmade details, without straight lines or white colour and with many ‘Nichos‘. There is a playfulness between the combination of earth tones and strident. The use of handcrafted openwork wood is very predominant.

“Ceramics pieces are resilient and keep their form for centuries”. Connie Vaccarezza.

Connie had to deal with the stresses of anxiety at different times in her life. Together with yoga and mindfulness, pottery has given her the ability to find her balance in life. One of the main characteristics of pottery is the process of waiting to complete the final piece. She feels at ease working with clay. Her workshop is her retreat.

Her ceiling lamps are on high demand. Her work is displayed in some of Buenos Aires trendiest restaurants. Her distinctive style is instantly recognisable. The boho style craftsmanship is the signature of her work.

She also takes on commissions for high-end residential projects in Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil. The openwork on the patterns she creates come alive when they are lit, forming interesting shadows.


I feel privileged to have Connie as my friend. We met in our schools days and re-linked a few years ago through some friends we have in common. We both have a love for colour, texture and pattern and share the same aesthetics in our interior styling.

I hope you enjoyed this trip into the world of colour and thank you for reading. If you too can’t stop admiring Connie’s designs you can follow her on Instagram.

Instagram http://estelococorazondeco

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