Decorating with green

Green – it’s my favourite colour!

I have been searching for the perfect green for a feature wall in my open plan living area. It’s my multi-tasking space – lounge, kitchen, dining area and desk. I tend to steer away from anything looking too perfect and prefer beautiful, relaxed spaces, with an understated luxury. I am drawn to texture, colour and pattern. My friends define my taste as sophisticated and eclectic, with hints of opulence. I love working with good quality materials, so before I knew it, out came the colour charts from Fired Earth, F&B, Little Greene, Dulux, Paint & Paper Library, Neptune, Zoffany, Craig & Rose…

In my mind I had a vision of a deep earthy green that would satisfy my ‘Boho Style’ addiction and compliment with my other wall paint colour from Fired Earth. “Malm – Inspired by soft loamy earth, textured with chalky marl. Soft, flexible and giving, a gently calming colour”.

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Choosing the type of paint was simply a matter of preference. I am always drawn to water based eggshell paint. Why? Because it is high quality, low odour, durable and washable. It gives a low sheen finish, which acts as an undercoat. I highly recommend it for painting furniture, interior woodwork and for use in areas which are used often and need regular cleaning, such as kitchens, bathrooms and open plan, communal areas.

I tested a few; Bancha from Farrow & Ball, Messel from Mylands, Angelica from Craig & Rose, Stable Green from Paint & Paper Library. Olivine from Zoffany was the colour that tones up perfectly with Malm. So similar in nature, deep and earthy. It works beautifully with beige – grey shades and gives a feeling of serenity.

“Feature walls are a great way to inject colour and create a focal point without being too intrusive”

My next quest was searching for the right wallpaper that would compliment my colour palette. I wanted a textured vinyl wallpaper but with characteristics of a grass cloth – a natural wall covering. Anthology has created a striking wall paper called Seri. It’s a heavy duty, durable vinyl. “Expert printing and embossing have created a textured design that resembles grass cloth, with all its naturally occurring characteristics and imperfections.” This material is water and vapour resistant, making it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and open plan, communal areas.

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The way I style interiors is hugely intuitive, second nature… and I find beauty in the simplest of surroundings.
Style inspiration through my eyes…

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      Style and inspiration through my eyes…
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